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Most common points of entry for home break-ins

Added by: SMR Locksmiths Ltd, on: 23rd September 2021

A house or a flat in which you accumulate your living achievements is a real treat for a thief.

Theft and burglary are crimes that usually cannot be avoided, but can be largely reduced. Have you ever thought about most common points of entry for home break-ins?

front doors are 34% of break ins entries

Front door

As hard to believe as it might be, most burglars simply turn the door knob and walk right in. Do you leave your front door open? Do you hide a key under a door mat or a flowerpot? The burglars know all the hiding spots. All of them!

So even if you lock your door, there is always a risk of burglary. Not to mention the burglars have appropriate tools for lock picking or lock snapping. If it comes to the worst, they can even kick your doors down from the hinges or smash a decorative glass panel.

Remember to always lock your door. Even when you are in, you are going to feel much safer by doing so. You also need to make sure you have thief resistant doors and locks. As additional means of security, it’s worth installing a deadbolt and a chain patio, back doors are 22% of break ins entries

Patio doors

Another preferable point of entry in the UK is the back door. A lot of people tend not to lock their back door, but even when they do - locks in patio doors are often weaker than locks in the front door. So, do never forget to lock your back or patio doors! And remember that these should have good quality locks installed.

garage doors are 34% of break ins entries

Garage Doors

Keep in mind that your garage, especially the kind which is right by your house, is a perfect point of entry for a thief. If burglars manage to force your garage door, they will most likely get into the house, because a lot of people do not take any additional security measures inside of their garage (even if it’s technically part of the house).
So, first of all install locks on your internal garage doors. Make sure that the external garage door is made of solid, good quality materials. As soon as you have the right locks – remember to use them!


Windows are popular because of their fragility. Sometimes a thief only needs to break the glass which – as a single sound – stays unnoticed by the neighbours. Sometimes the job is even easier because a lot of people do not lock their windows at all. Remember that in order to be safe in your own home you need to get locks for your front and back doors and for your windows as well, especially these on the ground floor.

gates of your property should always be closed and locked!


Let’s assume you locked your front door, your back door, your garage and your windows. What’s left? Obviously, the gates. These are the first obstacle that a burglar must deal with. Make his job harder and lock it!
The gate can also be climbed over, so do not leave any objects nearby because they may make the gate more accessible to climb.

Reconsidering your security measures might save you a lot of time and money. Apart from good quality standard security solutions, you may think about  burglar alarms, CCTV or security lights.

Best thing to do is to call a local locksmith who will assess your security needs and possible points of entry for burglars. At SMR Locksmiths Ltd we are happy to give you a free estimate. Contact us for professional security services in South West London! We are a local locksmith company you can trust – registered, DBS checked, used and recommended by the police.

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