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How to prevent a business lockout

Added by: SMR Locksmiths Ltd, on: 27th February 2023

Business lockout issues can be particularly problematic for business owners. Being unable to enter your premises significantly slows your business down, causing plenty of stress and trouble to you, your employees, your customers and your revenue.


Get your spare keys

It seems obvious, yet many tend to forget about this simple solution. Make sure to have a spare copy of your keys made by a professional locksmith.

If you have trusted employees who use the same way of entry, let them have a copy of their key. Give your own copy to someone you can trust, such as a close friend or a family member. Alternatively, keep an extra key in your bag or briefcase. And remember – keeping your spare key under the flower pot or a doormat is never a good idea!

If you tend to lose keys to your business premises, consider getting a key finder. It is a simple electronic gadget which aids you in locating missing keys with a Bluetooth connection or radio frequency.

Upgrade your security

You can physically control all the ways of entry using employee identity authentication. It may involve pin codes, access cards or even biometric identification. Such solutions give your staff access to particular areas within the premises.

If you hire a lot of personnel and you find it difficult to control who gets in and out, installing smart locks should keep your premises safe. These are intelligent security solutions which translate into convenience and safety for your employees, property and business.

Keyless entry systems are electronic access control systems that allow you to secure and control access to your property without the need for physical keys. Such systems can provide enhanced security, convenience, and control for properties of all types and sizes. However, they can be more expensive to install and maintain than traditional locks and keys and may require specialised expertise to manage.

Smart locks might come with a numeric keypad which lets you and your employees open the door by simply entering an access code. They can also be operated by a Smartphone. Either way, you don’t need to worry about snapped keys, losing keys or the keys being locked inside. The same method of entry may be applied throughout the premises – this way, individual keys will not be necessary anymore which takes away the risk of getting locked out.

In general, access control systems and smart security solutions make your business life easier, especially in large commercial spaces. These are not only secure but also handy.

Act in advance

Train your employees on your key control policy and key management system. Make sure they understand their responsibilities for using and managing keys, as well as the consequences of not following the policy. When it comes to employee training on key policies, it is important to ensure that all employees understand the importance of key control and the risks associated with lost or stolen keys.

Here are some key elements to include in employee training on key policies:

  1. Policy overview: Provide a clear and concise overview of your key control policy, including who is authorized to have keys, how keys are issued and returned, and how lost or stolen keys are handled.
  2. Key responsibilities: Clearly outline the key responsibilities of each employee when it comes to using and managing keys. This may include requirements for locking doors, securing keys when not in use, and reporting lost or stolen keys.
  3. Consequences: Make sure employees understand the consequences for not following the key control policy, including disciplinary action, loss of access privileges, and potential security breaches.
  4. Key handling: Train employees on how to properly handle and use keys, including how to insert and remove keys from locks, how to secure keys when not in use, and how to identify and report damaged or worn keys.
  5. Reporting procedures: Provide clear procedures for reporting lost or stolen keys, including who to contact, what information to provide, and what steps will be taken to mitigate the risk.
  6. Review and feedback: Regularly review your key control policy and training materials to ensure they remain up-to-date and effective. Solicit feedback from employees on how to improve the policy and training, and make changes as necessary.

By providing comprehensive training on key policies and procedures, you can help ensure that employees understand their responsibilities and are able to effectively manage keys and maintain security in your workplace.

Have an ongoing contract with a local locksmith

If you have ever experienced a business lockout before, you are pretty aware that this is a stressful situation which needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Searching the Internet for a professional commercial locksmith when you are in a hurry might be extremely nerve-racking and make you lose your time, your money or both. This is why it is always worth keeping your local locksmith’s phone number at hand. Try to work out a deal with a local professional ahead. Thanks to this, a trusted local locksmith will be there to help as soon as you get locked out.

Get in touch with a professional commercial locksmith for your spare keys, or to have smart security solutions installed within your premises.

Remember – regular security checks by a locksmith who knows your premises and your security measures are a must. A trusted professional will give you a free quote and may come with an attractive deal that will keep your business safe and sound for good, helping you avoid stressful situations.

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