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How to improve your door lock security

Added by: SMR Locksmiths Ltd, on: 27th June 2022

It may seem a pretty obvious solution, but equipping your flat or apartment door with a proven, reliable door lock is the best way to boost house security. However, not all euro cylinders are burglar-resistant and approved by the Police or insurance companies.

What to begin with.

That process begins with choosing the right lock. Although there is no perfect solution which is going to make your property 100% invincible, a good quality deadlock is always a good choice. For residential properties, it provides an excellent level of security, provided it is installed by a professional locksmith with appropriate training. Changing locks yourself, or trying to fix them with DIY methods, rarely brings benefits – not to mention, in the case of burglary, you may lose your insurance.

Do not forget that even if your old lock seems to be working fine, it is very much likely that it doesn’t comply with security standards advised by the Police and insurance companies nowadays or is not compliant with British Standard BS3621.

Features to look for.

For best security results, your lock should be anti-snap, anti-bump, and anti-drill. These features will help you protect your property from the most common ways burglars use to break in. Preferably, your lock should also be marked with a Kite Mark and comply with the BS 3621 standard. If you are not quite sure if your lock is compliant with the latest security standards, look for a Kite Mark or British Standard Number on its surface.

anti bump snap drill eurolock

Anti-bump locks work by having more pins and specially made keys, having shallow pin stacks to prevent them 'jumping' up or locks that have programmable side bars and no top pins. Bumping is a process of making the pins jump above the shear line to gain access. A special key is made with many ridges all of the same short length. When these are whacked into the cylinder and turned almost instantly after, the lock quite often opens.

Anti-drill locks prevent the internal mechanisms from snapping by having ceramic plates inside or steel pins and a steel cylinder to defend against drilling

Anti-snap locks are high security euro lock cylinders that are designed and tested to protect against lock snapping stopping a thief from breaking the lock into two parts. This type of cylinder is usually found on uPVC doors. You may find people refer to Anti-Snap locks as 'Snapsafe Locks' as well.

Of course, you can also ask a professional locksmith for a free security survey. In order to find a local specialist, just type “locksmith near me” or “locksmith in my area” in your browser and do not hesitate to give them a call. Provided you live in South West London, type “best locksmith South West London” and you’ll certainly find a trusted professional who is going to assist you with choosing the best security measures.

Important details.

While buying your property insurance, remember to give precise and correct information. Do not claim you have Kite Mark certified locks if you don’t – it will make your claim invalid and you will not benefit from it in a long run.

The Kite Mark is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety and offers true value to consumers, businesses and procurement professionals. BSI Kitemark certification gives a product or service immediate status – hard earned through rigorous tests at a BSI centre of excellence, or through rigorous assessments.

Front door locks that insurance companies approve of usually belong to several given types. The first of them is the five-lever mortice deadlock. It should be installed on the doors and ground floor windows.

Another popular lock, approved by most insurers, is a key-operated multi-point locking system, most often used for uPVC doors. Rim automatic deadlatch or night latch are also recommended by most locksmiths as an extra security measure which may easily be used together with the other locks.

Do never forget about your windows! Key operated window locks on ground floor windows are a must.

Ask your local locksmith about both door and window security solutions. If you are after a professional locksmith with appropriate knowledge and training, search for the Master Locksmiths Association logo.

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