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How to prevent lock snapping

Added by: SMR Locksmiths Ltd, on: 26th April 2021

Did you know that a thief can enter your property in as little as 5-10 seconds?

With an easy method, called lock snapping or cylinder snapping, cheap locks tend to be quickly broken in half from the inside. Especially Euro cylinder locks, popular throughout the UK, are at risk of this common method which requires absolutely no technical skills from the burglar.

Lock snapping constitutes one fourth of all burglary methods in the United Kingdom. Find out how to protect your door and your property.

How lock snapping works.

Most uPVC doors in the UK are equipped with Euro cylinder locks, as well as a lot of wooden, composite and aluminum doors. Euro cylinders are common for both domestic and commercial purposes and you certainly have one in your property.

Especially the cheap ones which are not BS3621 certified/Kitemarked or which are not fitted by a professional locksmith are easy to snap.

The cylinder is the weakest part of all locking systems and its snapping may thwart any other security measures taken. Lock snapping does not require special skills, extraordinary knowledge or professional equipment and can be done by anyone.

lock snapping broken lock

The thief begins from removing the outer casing on your door lock in order to get to the euro cylinder. Then, with any simple tool available, the burglar covers the protruding barrel and uses force to snap the cylinder in half in order to manipulate the lock and quickly unlock the door.

Euro cylinders.

Single cylinders, double cylinders and thumb turn cylinders which are not tested and approved to SS312 Diamond or TS007 3* standards, are considered to be most prone to lock snapping. SS312 Diamond has been established in 2011 by Sold Secure. Although other standards, such as BS3621, have been launched to prevent lock snapping, the Sold Secure standard is considered most precise as it comes to lock snapping.

Check if your Euro cylinder lock has the 3-Star Kitemark Logo engraved either on the front, on the back or on the side. It indicates that the lock has been tested particularly against lock snapping. Such locks are commonly installed on external front doors, external back doors and, sometimes, also on internal doors in buildings such as offices, schools or hospitals.

They are easy to use and easy to be upgraded, but if correct security standard is not met, the lock will be at risk to lock snapping & other methods popular among burglars such as lock drilling, lock bumping or lockpicking.

If you had your Euro cylinder installed before 2011, it most likely has not been tested for such burglary methods as lock snapping and you should consider upgrading it as soon as possible.

Choose the right locks.

For the security of your property and belongings, for your personal safety and for the peace of mind, it really worth considering installing the right locks in your door or enhancing existing ones. Even if your locks do not get flimsy and seem to work pretty well on a regular basis, it does not mean that they will protect your home or workplace from burglary

anti snap euro cylinder lock

To protect your property from a burglary it is best to invest in burglary resistant, anti-snapping locks approved by the Police and by the insurers. Such locks give you the best level of security.

Choosing the right one is not however that simple. First of all, for changing your euro profile cylinders which will protect your property with an anti-snap lock, you need to get in touch with a professional locksmith. An anti-snap lock must fit to your existing locks and doors. As locks – similarly to doors and handles – come in different types, shapes and sizes, it is best to search for a good local locksmith who will help you choose the right anti-snap lock for your doors and windows.

It’s best to choose SS312 Diamond approved lock cylinders as they have been tested against lock snapping. However, even the best anti-snap lock is not going to work properly if it is not fitted the right way. The cylinder cannot stick out more than 3mm from the handle. A professional locksmith will easily choose an affordable anti-snap lock and fit it in with no redundant external overhang.



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